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Sand Dawgs Story
Can you help us
Hi, my name is Sand Dawg. Funny name for a pig isn’t it. But I got that name because of how I found a new home. You see, the man who had me didn’t want me. So he took me down this long dirt road and just dumped me out. But my nose is good and smelled other pigs just like me. But I couldn’t get in. There was a fence and gate that I couldn’t get through. So I rooted out a cool spot in the sand and just laid down. I was hungry and thirty but had no place to go. Then I seen this car coming down the road. A lady driving it got out and looked at me and just shook her head.
She said, "what am I to do with you? I have way to many and have to move them." I wagged my tail at her and soon she just opened up the gate and let me in and said "welcome home little Sand Dawgie". Awe, home at last.
My new mommy fed and watered me and I went off to meet the rest of my new family. All dem piggies wanted to know where I came from and what was I doing there. They told me things were bad there but Mamma’s love kept them going. That my new Mamma was stressing out because of a bad man that lost their home and ours. We have to all move. But mom can’t work right now because of dealing with all this and time is running out. But they tell me mom has promised each of them and me that she will not give up. She will find a way to get and keep us safe. She told me that once we are all safe, then she will have time once more to give tummy rubs and play with us. But right now she has only a few days.
Please help my mom and all us piggies. I don’t want to be left behind or die. In just the couple days I’ve been here, she has made me feel safe and loved. Do you have any idea what it means to us to be loved? We have lots of love to give back and we love our mom. Please don’t fail us. Please donate to mom’s fence account at http://peaceatlast.chipin.com/fencing-to-relocate-rescue You are our only chance at life and a happy life. If you can’t donate even $5.00, and you live in Florida, please come to our place in Live Oak and help us build the fencing we need to move there. Together we can all make this happen and I know I’ll be one HAPPY SAND DAWGIE. I thank you so much. For more information please write rescue@farec.org . Please give today


Pepper Needs a Loving Home
I am a two year old neutered male. I'm part Border Collie and part Blue Heeler. I am  being fostered in Cleveland TN but I need a loving home of my own. Please consider loving me. I'm good with other dogs, cats and animals. Please contact us at rescue@farec.org for more information or to make me your own. My time is up at my fosters and will soon be taken to a shelter. Please, if you can help contact us.


Home at Last
My name is Coco and I've found a great new home. Look at my friend. We are pals and love to graze and roam the pasture together. Thank you for helping me get here. I am so happy.


Yes, I need a minor surgery
Gordon is an intact male potbellied pig in NY. We have found him a great home but he needs to be neutered. Can you help. We need to raise $300.00 and you can help by making any size donation to rescue@farec.org through www.paypal.com or by sending a check to FAREC at 1822 Meister Hills Rd, Deer Lodge, TN 37726 and be sure and mark it for Gordon's neuter.


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