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Below are a few items of correspondence we've received from grateful folks whom we've helped with rescuing, locating a pig to adopt, or provided vet, sanctuary or other information:

"Dear Lana,
Things are taking a turn for the better I am finally glad to say!  I talked with Mickey who put me on three-way with Janet.  We talked through all the details and I am feeling much better about everything.  The piglets are doing much better and the mom seems to be producing milk after all!!  I will keep Jenny's phone # on hand, thank you (and Terry) so, so much for your help thus far, and thank you for the lead to Mickey.  The information that she and Janet provided made a world of difference.  I just went out and checked on all of them and they are actually getting milk and sleeping soundly with mom.  Janet said I should probably continue some formula during the day but to let them just suck on mom at night.  I can't thank you enough for all your help thus far... I'll let you know tomorrow how we are "all" doing.

"Lana, we thank you for your help as well.  It is easy to find volunteers to help when we are working with a great rescue group.  Although some of my employees are upset that one of the pigs went to California and they didn't get to go.  As always anytime you need our help do not hesitate to call upon us. 
Loretta of Lee County Animal Services, Ft Myers, FL.

"hi lana how are you just wanted you to know charlie is great, she has become my husbands new girlfriend. she kisses him all the time and when he come home she follows him all over. he told me to get my own charlie. i said that is my charlie he said don't look like it to me. she is so spoiled terry is spoiling her in the wrong way. she has gained  at least 20 lbs. so she is on a diet.  well just to let you know she is fine and thank you dianne"

Lana, Thank you so much for the piggy update.  I am very, very, very happy that Bacon AKA Hamlet AKA Albert Swinestein has found a good home in GA!!!!!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your help, and all your kindness for taking Piggy in and ensuring that he goes to a good home where he will be cared for and appreciated!!!!  This is a wonderful early Christmas gift for us.  I just know that he will be happy and content!!!
Thank so very much again!!!
Christine G.

Hi Lana, 
I hope you are doing well.  It is so great to see that you are still a constant piggy advocate.  You have helped me throughout the years w/ different questions and concerns.  I was Simon's mother.  He passed away August of 2001 due to complications from the disk problem in his back.  Do you remember when I called you in a panic that fateful day in 1999?  He did ok for awhile but the damage was irreversible and I could see he was getting tired.  He was my star!  You also helped me out with adopting another piggy in 2000 from a place in New Port Richey and I can't remember the name of the place or the gal but I wanted her to know that little Patch Elliott has grown up into a wonderful piggy!!  I attached a picture of him taken last month.  If you have her information I would love to thank her and send a donation to her sanctuary.  I also want to applaud you on the Osceola Rescue.  I am also going to donate to that cause as well. 
Take care, 
Susan R.

Hi Lana
I wanted to thank you so much for all your help... and Rufu's new diet HA!  Finally getting back to his piggy self.  He loves his new diet most of all. Plus those vitamin C tabs. HA 
Thank you. We seem to be on the mend.
Best Wishes
Rufus's mom
Marcia B.

Oh, Lana, thanks so much for the article on Harley!  Normally, I'm pretty reactive and rush to the vet if something happens, but Cromzy got a little scratch from the puppy and without that article might not have started him on antibiotics right away.   It was nothing compared to poor Harley, just a little scratch, but I didn't
want to take ANY chances!
Thanks for such an informative newsletter.
Lzz and Cromwell

I spoke with Ted today and I am very happy you found someone so wonderful.  We are making arrangements for possibly this weekend and I would like to thank you so much for your help.  He really does love pigs and I think with his wife having the same color hair as me will make Penne's transition a little easier.
He said I can visit Pen too, so I feel much better about this situation.

Dear Lana,

Just wanted to say Hi. I don't know if you still remember me. We talked to you about a pig we wanted to rescue but all our friends warned us not to take a wild boar in. After getting so much info from you, we took the pig in and got him fixed. The kids named him Wilbur. Wilbur has his own stall at our 5 acres farm. He can go in and out whatever he wants to do. He got different mudspots where he can go mudding whenever he feels he has to. He keeps his stall very clean and gets along with our horses, ponies, donkey, geese and chickens and dog. He is very talkative we call him the "singing pig" because you always can hear where he is. He is very sweet and gentle with our 4 kids and everybody who comes to the farm just loves him. So much personality!!!!  The only way to make him mad is when somebody mixes up his bed. Then he gets very pissed screams like he has a knife in his back and starts to kick buckets over and whatever else he can find. Otherwise he is just cute as he can be and we all love him very much. He became a full family member.  We just build a house on the farm and as soon as it is finished Wilbur will move in with us. He will get a spot for his bed in our house and a big dog door.  So we just wanted to thank you for all your info that helped us to make the decision for this wonderful little guy. We are so happy to have him.  The most of our animals are rescue animals and when you come across another very special pig and you need a home for it let us know.

Have a wonderful day
Iris, Bob, Aline, Tim, Sam, Etienne and Wilbur



I am Teronda.  You probably do not remember me aside from the fact that I am Sue Levitts friend.  But you were instrumental in me getting Marley, also in my meeting of Sue.  I can't thank you enough for either.  I sure LOVE my Marley, he is a very special pig.  And Sue, I can't say enough about her.  A pig can only hope she is thier rescuer.  She is an awesome lady.  As for the thank you there is more, it is because Marley hadn't been feeling well, he had/has a urinary tract infection.  Sue spoke with you about it while she was there.  Well, you recommended an antibiotic SMZ, vitamin C, and cranberry juice.  I am happy to say he is feeling much better.  He is not a complainer, but I know when he feels bad, so I look for a reason.  He is housebroken, so I knew when he peed in the house there was a problem, then I noticed that it was a bit red and I got nervous.  I went to the vet immediatly and got 3 weeks worth   of medicine, I am prepared to get more.  I was not able to get the urine sample though I tried.  My vet said I shouldn't put off treatment, I didn't.  Now Marley is recovering and feeling better.  We still have plenty of meds to go but that's ok.  The vet said when he goes for his annual visit he will check him out well then, that will be August.  But when my sweetie pig feels better, I feel better!  Thank you again for that.  I am attaching a picture of Marley, Miss Piggy, and my bloodhound Tucker, affectionately known as the "Three Pigs" as Tucker roots with the kids.  I love these guys sooo much!  I hope you like the pics.  By the way, I took in 2 rescues that Sue had, they are sweethearts too.  I don't know about the rescue thing, I'm in love with them too, we'll see.  If not, I figure they have a good home at least.  Don't worry, I'll come around I think, rescue is the key word here.  Marley is the handsome one on the sofa and by the food pan.  Miss Piggy is the diva looking up at the camera and looking out of the fence, a beauty isn't she?  And Tucker is the long eared pig:)









Here is a picture of Daisy who arrived home last night from University of Tenn.  She went in last Wed for a tumor spay.  Her belly was hard and swollen and she had been sick. The local vets here gave her less than a thirty percent chance of survival and a couple thousand dollars in bills. Daisy is over 12 yo and  overweight. The picture does not do her weight justice! She weighs 235 and should weigh about 160. Her owner was going to let her live as long as it seemed humane and then put her to sleep.  After a bit of convincing, she agreed to  let rescue take over and work as a safety net for this pig.  Her owner drove her to UT after hearing of the success that they had there with this type of surgery and the pain that Daisy would endure if this were left untreated.

Daisy had an uneventful surgery and ate and drank that night first night after the surgery.  Besides the tumor, her uterus was totally filled with cysts.  Later that night, she began to bleed internally and things took a drastic turn for the worse.  She required  blood transfusions and for a while it looked like another surgery might be required to save her. But with her mom by her side, Daisy rallied.  They both returned home six days after the surgery to a nice new pen that good friend to pigs Cory built.  It opens into the house where she can go inside for the first time in her life.

This scenario is becoming more and more common.  Skilled vets like Dr. VanAmstel can save these older girls with tumors - though it is sure a heck of a lot better to  prevent them by spaying.  I am so grateful that this woman gave her pig a chance at living out her life.  Daisy surely has many good years left.  Thanks also goes to the Sabrina Fund for helping make it possible for Daisy to receive what I believe is just about the best  medical care a pig can get. It is certainly a fund worth everyone's support. Long live Ms. Daisy!





Just wanted to say thank you personally from Kito and Myself for the support you and so many others gave in this contest to help us win. It was appreciated more than you know and the money will all go to rescue groups that need funds to spayed/ neuter the animals they touch and save. Couldn't have done it without you young lady, so thanks for all you do to support us from where you are, to help us do what we do from here.

Smiles & Snorts

Andrew & Kito
;8 ) :8)

KITO WON THE CONTEST! and Andrew was on national television telling everyone that he is a miniature tea cup pig! Mission Accomplished! Congratulations to Andrew and Kito.
Check it out here. Kito WINS



My name is Claire and I foster animals in my home and volunteer for a couple animal shelters. I found your site because it had so much helpful information on it about pet care. I really enjoyed it!!! I like to give out 'new pet parents packets' when we adopt out pets so they can have as much information as possible about being responsible pet owners. I have directed them to your website because of all of the great resources on it. I also found this article on relocating with pets I thought it would be a useful addition. It breaks my heart but often times people leave pets behind when they move and I think it's just awful! So, I hope the more people know about how to move with their pet the less likely they be to move without them.

Thanks again for having such a great site and for all of your work with animals:)
Let me know what you think and if you know any other great websites.





Hi Lana!

Just wanted to keep you up to date in regards to Franklin in
IL. Heather and I decided it would be best to have Franklin's yearly
exam before he arrives here and that was done on Saturday...YAY! This
way he can settle in with us and not have to be further stressed once he
arrives. Although we had a few options on transport, Heather and her
husband have decided to bring Franklin here on May 24th. This way I
have some time for "pig proofing" and to build Franklin his own "oasis". I
will be sure to send some photos your way and keep you updated on his

Thanks again,

Daisy June

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