Hi!  I'm Larry (Lawrence) Pigster and I REALLY need a home!  Here's my story, my humans went off and left me to wonder and possibly get attacked by dogs!  I thought they'd come back but they never did.  Some wonderful neighbors have taken me in, but cannot keep me.  I am a young, healthy, and handsome boy.  I weigh about 45-50 pounds. I've been neutered (not thrilled about that--I'll tell ya), but I am still a simply charming lad--if I do say so myself!  I just want a chance to find my forever home with humans that will love me and will not go off and leave me again--it's a dangerous world out there!   Honestly, I just want a safe and happy home, some food, dirt to root in, and some belly rubs.
Can you help me?  My foster humans are in Texas, very close to the Oklahoma border.

Thank you in advance for any help, and please feel free to call Jeff, my foster human, at
any time. See information below.  I've included a couple of close-ups--see how cute I am!
Thoinks again!
Larry (Lawrence) Pigster

jeff zimm
w: 214 550 5550
m: 917 803 3342
e: jeff@commercehouse.com


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