Potbellied Pig Roundup

Channel 13 Central FL

A neighborhood in the rural Volusia County town of Barberville is up to its ears in potbellied pigs.

Now of group of people is trying to correct the situation.

The Pigs as Pets Association spent Saturday rounding up about three dozen potbellied pigs, and they believe at least three dozen more have yet to be caught.

Apparently three of five of the domesticated pigs were released into the wild a few years ago, and they've multiplied over time.
This week, someone called the group saying that hunters had been shooting the pigs.  So the group said it was time for them to take action.

"So what we are doing is transporting them to a safe place and they will be quarantined and we will spay, neuter them and have them completely vetted, get blood tests on them and have the paperwork ready so that we can start to get them adopted out,. Melissa Gikes said.

The Pigs as Pets spokesperson says many of the pigs had injuries either from being shot, or being attacked by dogs in the neighborhood.